Export of Goods & Services under GST

Hello All,

After implementation of GST, as service provider in IT we have so many queries related to new laws and one of the common thing we found having lot of buzz/discussion is how it affects the Export of Goods & Services. Lot of people informed us that there is no change in export of services whereas others said that you need to collect taxes for outsourcing work, so we started researching and studying the GST laws for export of goods & services and found very interesting details which I would like to share with all.

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We have created a simple and attractive custom text GridView design based on material concepts.

  • Auto adjustable column based on device width and height.
  • Supported with portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Extends ScrollView


To use StaggeredTextGridView in your projects, simply add the library as a dependency to your build.

dependencies {
  compile 'com.riontech.staggeredtextgridview:staggeredtextgridview:1.0.0'

Alternatively you can directly import the /library project into your Android Studio project and add it as a dependency in your build.gradle.

The library is currently configured to be built via Gradle only. It has the following dependencies:

  • Android Gradle plugin 2.1.0 –
  • Android Support appcompt-v7 –
  • Compiled SDK Version – lollipop-23
  • Supported Version – >= 2.1


For more detailed code example to use the library, Please refere the /sample app.

StaggeredTextGridView can be added as a custom view to any layout.

        android:layout_below="@+id/toolbar" />

Simply create the object of StaggeredTextGridView and set your custom BaseAdapter

StaggeredTextGridView staggeredTextGridView = (StaggeredTextGridView) findViewById(;
CustomAdapter adapter = new CustomAdapter(this, wordJsonArray);


  1. Item selector drawable
  2. Item click listener


You can refer Github project here.


Launch of App by Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat

Recently we get opportunity to work with Government of Gujarat for android application development. It was launched by Honorable Chief Minster of Gujarat – Smt. Anandiben Patel, first lady CM of Gujarat.

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Joining Toptal

Beginning about myself, I initiated my career with an MNC which had a strength of one thousand employees. I started working with Liferay but gradually on the side, I started working and exploring Android OS at a more in-depth level. I had initially dipped into Android but only on a basic level during my college days.

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How Much Does it Cost to Make an App?

Asking how much it costs to build an app is like asking how much it costs build a house. It depends on what you are building and who is building it for you. Here’s an infographic we’ve created to help give you an idea.

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10 Hottest Cities for Startups Worldwide (after Silicon Valley)

Silicon Valley has traditionally been the epicentre for startups in the world, but the rest of the globe has been catching up.
Below are the 10 hottest cities for startups world wide after Silicon Valley.

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Ultimate Book List for Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to become a better entrepreneur? Are you ready to boost your results? Are you ready to make fewer mistakes? Are you ready to become the best?

This list is crafted by curating a mix of the best book lists about entrepreneurship from Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur,Inc, and Under 30 CEO.

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10 Tips for Productive Collaboration with Outsource Development Teams

ten tips for productive collaboration 10 Tips for Productive Collaboration  with Outsource Development Teams

Outsourcing mobile apps or business automation projects can be unwieldy, because there are many, many factors that might become a headache: different time zones, dissimilar approaches to project management, use of unconventional tools and practices, and, above all, the notorious human factor. Nonetheless, after successfully completing many outsourced projects, we can confirm that outsourcing can be quite productive.

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Amazon Echo – An Always-On Siri-Style Assistant

Amazon has a new product that doesn’t really have any current equivalent form any other tech company – a connected speaker called Echo that’s always-on, listening for commands that its virtual assistant can then respond to with information or by triggering a task.Continue Reading..


How To Outsource Your App Development

Want a custom app or site for your business, but don’t have the skillset to pull it off in-house? There’s no shortage of dev contractors out there to help you, but choosing the right one can be nerve-wracking, and getting optimal work from outside help isn’t always easy. Continue Reading..